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Personal SEO expert assigned to you

Our system automatically assigns you an SEO expert based on your website and Industry when you join Seo & Go. All of our experts have multiple years of practical experience and they can help you rank higher in Google. 

Support ticket tracking
and priority support

We have built a comprehensive support system, that gives you full control of the process, you can get support for any smart SEO task assigned by our system to you. Tickets are automatically prioritized based on the task you are looking to get done and its impact on your website SEO

Step by step guidance on improving your ranking

SEO experts will guide you on all the steps that you need to take in order to improve your website ranking. All steps are so simple to get done that anyone can do SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can build your plan in the pricing section
No we don’t have any rate limits , all keywords you add will be tracked based on your reporting period in real time .
This depends on your plan , in the base plan we offer 50 keywords and 3 competitors that you can get keyword tracking data and alerts from.
You can pay by credit/debit card and via PayPal through our secure payment gateway .
Yes we offer a monthly plan ,you can choose the monthly option by clicking on the subscribe button on the limited deal on the left side of our pricing .
Yes you can cancel your subscription from the billing section of the dashboard anytime .
Yes you can manage your billing settings in the subscription section of the main dashboard .
Yes we use our proprietary technology for localised results , and you can get rank tracking by setting any country with a supported google region. All countries available in google search can be used for rank tracking on our platform.
Currently we support keyword ranking from google results , support for more search engines will be added in the future.
Yes we support rank tracking across desktop and mobile platforms
This depends on the reporting frequency you have set in your plan.
Yes we do have a very simple to use dashboard and reporting mechanism, all rank tracking of your keyword’s their position change , competitor analysis and how your keywords are performing against your competitors is available. All of these reports and analytics are also available via instant email notifications .

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