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Seo&Go provides you all you need in order to check your site ranking in Google and rank higher in search results.

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Ranking Analysis
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Seo tasks tailored to the website that shows you step by step how to improve your site ranking 

Analyse your Google ranking

Competitors Analysis
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See how your keywords perform in Google for every device or location in comparison to your competitors

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We built a smart system that simplifies the SEO work and allows you to fit your site to Google in order to rank it high in your relevant keywords. Here are 10 reasons why using us will benefit you


How to rank your site high in Google

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Being a small business owner I wanted to grab more leads online , but all of the tools out there that help with SEO are either too expensive or too complex to use .Signing up for Seo & Go has been amazing as it offers the best value for money and is very easy to use. Tony Jackson
Jackson Hardware Supplies
Seo & Go is one of the best keyword rank tracking tools that I have used , they provide accurate results and easy to understand reports . After using this keyword position checker for the past few weeks, I’m hooked. Mellisa Jones
An awesome keyword rank tracker tool for web owners. Firstly, I like this platform because it always gives an accurate result. Secondly, it also gives the user easy access to carry out local rank tracking. Lastly, Seo & Go is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market. Peter Cyprich
Effectix , Czech Republic

As an international retailer we have a need to track our keywords ranking in different
locations , Seo & Go has enabled us to easily track how our keywords perform across all of the regions we operate due to the large number of locations that they support . We can even track at a specific city or area how our keywords are performing . This has been an amazing experience.
Mark Jackson

This is the most refreshingly well-designed keyword tool I’ve found. Cheers to the Seo and Go team for investing in good UX and helpful content! Iiris Lagus OIKIO

Join our 15,000 happy customers