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Unleash the power of automated SEO!
SEO&GO™ enables you to track and improve your site's ranking without prior SEO knowledge. Start rising to the top of search engine results. It's never been so easy!
SEO&GO™ is a virtual SEO expert that operates on an automated platform which will optimize
your site to be search engine friendly and will help you promote your site on major search engines.
Automated SEO Reports
  • SEO ranking report
    Advanced reports that will indicate where your site is currently ranked.
  • SEO analysis
    Comprehensive analysis that will assist you in determining which keywords to use and detect any errors that your site may contain.
  • SEO ranking alerts
    Custom alerts to notify you when any of your keywords have been ranked up or down.
  • SEO competitor spy
    Custom alerts to notify you whenever your competitor's keyword(s) has been ranked up or down.
Automated SEO Action Items
  • SEO action items
    You will be provided with professional advice on how to modify your META tags, selecting the right keywords, implementing the appropriate contents to achieve optimum results.
  • Meta action items
    Get META action items that will include all necessary META tags modifications.
  • Title action items
    Get title action items that will suggest how to name any given page.
  • Footer action items
    Get footer action items that will gather all your promoted keywords and suggest you how to implement them in the footer.
Automated SEO Expert Support
  • Still have questions?
    Our SEO expert department is ready to assist you in any way possible. As always, we are ready to help our customers in SEO advices and support.
  • General SEO questions
    Our SEO expert department has vast knowledge of the latest search engines algorithms and is ready to answer your related questions any time.
  • Technical questions
    Need help to implement our automated script? Contact our SEO expert department for personal assistance.
Automated SEO
  • SEO meta scripts
    Get Meta scripts that will fix your meta data automatically upon your desired keywords.
  • SEO body scripts
    Get body scripts that will add automated content to your site which will fit your promoted keyword.
  • SEO map scripts
    Get SEO Map scripts that will guide search engines to crawl your site.
  • SEO content scripts
    Get content script checker that will check your current content for consistency and density and will modify it to meet search engine’s algorithm.